Music By Gina

Music by Gina



Original Composistions and Arrangements

San Pedro Seasons (2004: Tone Poems for Camera and Synthesizer)

I Wonder as I Wander (2004: synth, drums, cello)

Watchman's Song (2004: cello)

Maybe... (2005: synth, cello)

Never Never Never (2005: synth, cello)

Rach2310 (2005: piano, cello)

I Will Give My Love an Apple (2005: synth, cello)

The Three Ravens (2005: synth, cello)


Gina's studio is in a purpose-built room of her house in the mountains of New Mexico.

She expresses her compositions with the following instruments:

celloSteinway Upright piano (replaced Kawai grand piano)



Roland MIDI keyboard

Yamaha MG10/2 mixer

two condenser and two dynamic mics

2x MiniDisc recorders (1 deck and 1 portable)

PrintMusic! and audio processing software

CD burner