2010 Year in Review

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Our first winter back in the States was a challenge.  Heavy snow in December was followed by a major storm in February that left well over two feet of accumulation.


It was too deep to plow, so Jim used the front end loader to dig us out one scoop at a time.



Any more snow and the sheep would have needed periscopes!


While we completed a major renovation of the living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway (photos here), Rebecca was busy raising chicks.  That's Little Red on the left and Smokey fully grown on the right.


Below are some quick videos of various characters inhabiting our barn.

Stephanie's dad took a series of beekeeping classes and set up a hive adjacent to the vegetable garden (which, thanks to Stephanie's parents, yielded a bountiful harvest!).


Rebecca flew out to New Mexico for a visit with Jim's parents, where there was much hiking, riding and music.


The rest of the summer was spent riding, rowing and relaxing!


In September, Rebecca began clarinet lessons every Saturday morning and loved them so much we doubled her time slot.  She was invited to play with the marching band at the high school she will attend next year and had an absolute blast.  Before the holidays, she auditioned for All County Band and was chosen to play first clarinet!  The first rehearsal is 6 January and the concert is 29 January, so it will be an intense month.

If we're going to get this out before 2011, we'd better stop writing and start sending!  Happy New Year!