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Installation Notes for SCE StopTech BBK

Installation Notes for Supercar-Engineering Custom Four-Corner StopTech Upgrade on 2nd Gen Stealth

REAR: AeroRotor (World Challenge) Slotted 322x28, floating hat with integrated parking brake drum

1) unbolt stock caliper and hang out of the way
2) remove rear rotor
3) clean hub area with emory cloth and coat with thin layer of anti-sieze

4) remove splash guard with a hammer and screwdriver
5) smooth sharp weld remnants on back side of hub
6) make sure brake line bracket is bent back to clear rotor

7) replace upper brake line
8) replace lower brake line
9) install rotor and caliper

FRONT: AeroRotor Slotted 332x32, floating hat

Installation of the front brakes is similar to the rear except that there are clearance issues that must be addressed. In my case, the caliper mounting ears and the lower ball joint mount interfered with the rotor. I used a Dremel to notch 1-2mm of material from the caliper mounting ears and a hammer to beat back the ball joint mount.

Note use of centering ring for hubs lacking the lip. Be sure to test clearances on a short test drive while steering lock to lock. Bed the pads and rotors according to the StopTech instructions.

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