Getrag Transmission Parts

Getrag W6MG1 Transmission Parts
for Stealth/3000GT

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Parts to have on hand when replacing clutch and inspecting Getrag transmission
(all purchased from Kormex and in May 2001).


clutch disc



clutch cover (pressure plate) assembly



clutch release (throw-out) bearing



crankshaft oil  (rear main) seal



clutch (slave) cylinder assembly


KORMEX Seal kit (output shaft seal, both axle seals, the plug/seal for the end of tranny case that covers the input shaft retaining bolt, and both seals for the transfer case) $75.00
KORMEX 2nd gear blocking ring (center brass part of synchro that tends to suffer the most wear) $125.00


Set of brand new synchros for six-speed purchased in 1998 through Jack's one-time deal with Getrag
(counter-clockwise from upper-left: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6).


Close-up of 2nd gear blocking ring, new from Kormex for $125 (May 2001).

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