GTOUK at Ten of the Best III

1 August 2004


The trap speeds measured at TOTB-III seem low and may not be comparable to drag results from other events. Beales and Naxton were still tuning in new upgrades and have yet to tap the full potential of their setups, while McCarthy encountered electronics problems that prevented even one decent run.

Curiously, my mostly stock setup was down on power Sunday, as I was forced to reduce boost due to excessive knock during my first run (sustained counts over ten at high RPMs in 3rd and 4th gears during the top speed run - bad, bad, bad). That combined with my original clutch's (99k miles and counting!) reluctance to allow a good launch netted me a best time of 13.8 with a 2.194 ET. Interestingly, my G-Tech accelerometer also measured that run as 13.8 (consistent!), considerably slower than my best ever G-Tech run of 13.16 (at 113.9, though it reports terminal speed, which is always higher than trap average). Others reported similar issues, and I wonder if it was in part due to heat soak from waiting in the long queue?

I decided to point the video camera out the back window for the drag runs, but it was too low and resulted in clips just as boring as if I had pointed it down the empty runway. The handling circuit video is a little more entertaining; due to my knock problems, I only ran the course once, and while I had a lot of fun, it would have taken another run or two to learn it well enough to net a decent time. I think barely breaking into the 30s was possible, but nowhere near the winning times posted!

Thanks to all who came out to support us! It was a great day out, fantastic cars, people and weather. And thanks, Dave Naxton, for organizing the GTOUK team.

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Jim Matthews - Yorkshire, England, UK

*** Team3S, 3SI #0030, GTOUK #155 ***
Jet Black '94 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin-Turbo AWD AWS 6-spd
Active Suspension Damping, Active Exhaust Valving
Ek2MFG dual-flex downpipe, Blitz SS Blow-Off Valve
K&N FIPK, A'PEXi Super AVC-R Mk-I, A'PEXi Turbo Timer
MirageCorp hybrid data logger, Magnecore plug wires
Optima Red Top 830 Battery, Redline synth fluids
Supercar Engineering StopTech 4-corner big brake upgrade
Street: stock rims, Michelin Pilot XGT-Z4 245/45ZR17
Track: Enkei RPM-02, Yokohama A-032R Hcomp 275/40R17
G-Tech Pro: 0-60 4.79 sec, 1/4 13.16 sec @ 113.9 mph
Top Speed: 171 mph, Dyno: 367 SAE HP, 354 lb-ft torque

Times and Speeds

1/4 mile

Mark Beales       12.53	@  104 MPH
Dave Naxton 12.74 @ 101 MPH
Jim Matthews 13.80 @ 94 MPH
David McCarthy 15.04 @ 84 MPH
(compare to other 3000GT/Stealth/GTO figures)

handling circuit

Jim Matthews    44.08
(see 3000GT/Stealth/GTO track reports)



totbiii-drag-beales.mpg (5,470 KB) - Beales drag
totbiii-drag-naxton.mpg (2,213 KB) - Naxton drag
totbiii-drag-naxton2.mpg (3,945 KB) - Naxton drag
totbiii-drag-ruf.mpg (3,114 KB) - RUF drag
totbiii-drag-viper.mpg (5,581 KB) - Viper drag

totbiii-autox-jim.mpg (8,877 KB) - Matthews autox (in-car)

totbiii-topspeed-scooby.mpg (2,395 KB) - Scooby top speed
totbiii-topspeed-skyline.mpg (1,977 KB) - Skyline top speed
totbiii-topspeed-supra.mpg (2,601 KB) - Supra top speed

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