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Elvington Airfield 28 August 2004

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  • The weather was fantastic and I enjoyed the company of 33 friendly drivers of interesting machinery. The airstrip was hosting two events, one at each end, so the course lacked the long straightaways typical of airfield venues. It was perfect for the Elises, "Caterfields" and kit cars, but a bit tight for heavy GTs. That said, the A032Rs completely transformed my Stealth, offering far more grip than the XGT-Z4s I've run in the past. From the pictures below, it's clear that suspension upgrades and more negative camber would be of considerable benefit, but I was pleased with the handling.

    The StopTechs (Panther XP front and Axxis Ultimate rear) repeatedly hauled the car down from 110+, though I experienced violent shudder at moderate braking (it smooths out as I increase pedal pressure), just like my stock brakes did with Panther Plus pads at Donington Park before the upgrade. At one point, I nearly lost the brakes completely and discovered in the pits that the brake fluid resevoir cap came loose (this is not the first time that's happened - argh!). I topped it up with Motul 600 fluid but the ABS acted strange, engaging at just the wrong times before the warning light illuminated and the system shut itself off. I sure wish I could get the brakes sorted out once and for all!! (update: reorienting rotors to reduce runout eliminated the judder, and a hose clamp over the brake fluid resevoir cap prevents it from loosening)

    - --
    Jim Matthews - Yorkshire, England, UK

    *** Team3S, 3SI #0030, GTOUK #155 ***
    Jet Black '94 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin-Turbo AWD AWS 6-spd
    Active Suspension Damping, Active Exhaust Valving
    Ek2MFG dual-flex downpipe, Blitz SS Blow-Off Valve
    K&N FIPK, A'PEXi Super AVC-R Mk-I, A'PEXi Turbo Timer
    MirageCorp hybrid data logger, Magnecore plug wires
    Optima Red Top 830 Battery, Redline synth fluids
    Supercar Engineering StopTech 4-corner big brake upgrade
    Street: stock rims, Michelin Pilot XGT-Z4 245/45ZR17
    Track: Enkei RPM-02, Yokohama A-032R Hcomp 275/40R17
    G-Tech Pro: 0-60 4.79 sec, 1/4 13.16 sec @ 113.9 mph
    Top Speed: 171 mph, Dyno: 367 SAE HP, 354 lb-ft torque

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