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Donington Park 11 November 2003

Event Information (Esses and Melbourne were excluded)

The track was very slippery and I had serious problems with the brakes. In-car video (putfile.com,vidiac.com - 2:38, 6.62 MB) captured a Porsche 944 slide way wide at Redgate and a few spins I caught at Coppice (countersteer and get on the gas!). The brake shudder was so severe that my old C-VHS camera switched in and out of "fog" mode, appropriate for the weather that day, I suppose...

- --
Jim Matthews - Yorkshire, England

*** Team3S, 3SI #0030, GTOUK #155 ***
Jet Black '94 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin-Turbo AWD AWS 6-spd
Adjustable Active Suspension, Adjustable Exhaust System
K&N FIPK, A'PEXi Super AVC-R Mk1 (1.0 bar @ 64% BADC)
A'PEXi Turbo Timer, Blitz Super Blow-Off Valve
Magnecore spark plug wires, Optima Red Top 830 Battery
Redline synth fluids (trans= MT-90, xfer & diff= SPHvy)
PF cryoed rotors, R4S pads, SS lines w/SBs, red calipers
Michelin Pilot XGT-Z4 245/45ZR17, Top Speed: 171 mph
G-Tech Pro: 0-60 4.79 sec, 1/4 13.16 sec @ 113.9 mph
1 Feb 99 Dyno Session: 367 SAE HP, 354 lb-ft torque

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