CarTest Simulator Screen Dumps

Click here to download CarTest, a powerful DOS program that compares vehicle performance using sophisticated algorithms and a database of vehicle parameters.  Very accurate and highly recommended!!!  Well worth the $20.  The following are screen dumps from the program when analyzing my car.  Note that there is some very valuable information included below, including optimum shift points, maximum speeds in gears, power loss, etc.  Take a look!

These are the horsepower and torque curves as represented by the simulator.  Compare these to the actual curves as measured on the dynomometer (see above).

Here is the power loss according to the simulator.

Here is the power by gear as computed by the simulator.

Here are vehicle speeds vs. RPM in all gears as computed by the simulator.

Here are the results of an acceleration simulation.  These figures are very accurate, as my best 0-60 is 4.79 seconds, my best 1/4 mile is 13.16 seconds, and my best top speed so far is 171 mph.

Here are the results of a track simulation.  Nurburgring is not far from where I live in Germany and I hope to take a few laps one day.  Would be fun to compare to these results!

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